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Free Astrology

Free Astrology

Indian Free Astrology is considered as one of the most axiomatically in this world. Because it’s predictions are always accurate. In reality it is based on the celestial heavenly bodies. Jyotish is one of the widely mobilized traditions in the world. In Indian Jyotish Sun is the foundation of life. It is the source of energy and spirituality. Jyotish is one of the most ancient subjects, although; in reality the new generation gives this controversy responsibility to the ancient rulers. According to the Indian Jyotish documents Brihatsamhita is the oldest volume and till today also it have it’s presence. Indian celestial science and Jyotish in reality is developed together. Aryabhatt and Varahamihir both are scientist as well as astrologers.

Varahamihir’s Aryabhattiya: Aryabhatt’s principles are famous in Panch-Sidhantika.

Astrology Sign: Key to your Zodiac Horoscope

About Zodiac Free Astrology: Jyotish can give indications of our everyday lives. With the means of your jyotish signs you can know about yourself. But Jyotish indications depends on your given birth date. Jyotish signs are of two types: “Sun Sign” and “Moon Sign”. Sun controls are inner soul and moon controls are feelings and thoughts. Hindu Jyotish has it’s own unique importance. In India Vedic Jyotish is adhered. Normally for Jyotish term Rashi chakra sign and Jyotish sign is used. And apart from that Star Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign can also be used. Jyotish sign is considered equally with the 12 signs. And all these signs are different from each other. All these signs show a person’s behavior and personality. Aries sign people are; generous, independent, brave and enthusiastic. On the other hand Leo sign people are faithful and arrogant.

Development of Free Astrology in other eras: Vedic Jyotish’s main part quite often based on Parashar Free Astrology. Parashar period is considered from 57 BC to 3000 BC. Brihat Parashara Hora written by Rishi Parashar is the all time favorite book among the astrologers. This book contains human beings lives various aspects and the effect of the planets good and bad results.

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