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Indian Astrologer

Indian Astrologer

Indian Jyotish is an ancient science, which is based on the knowledge of ancient sages and saints. From the long time it is being developed by Western Khagolvids and Astrologers. It is deep rooted in Vedas, which is bloomed back by 1500 BC. Indian astrologer makes available for you online jyotish software, from where you can get solution to all your problems. Fake astrologers these days are just creating disbelief concerning astrology just for money. At AstroCupids you can get the solutions of your inner problems as well. Online jyotish facility is made available at free of cost to the customers.


Jyotish – Jyothisha or Light

No other science can be useful in Indian jyotish moral and physical progress. For the sake of mankind it can be interesting, inspiring and above all can be useful too. Indian Jyotish is based on planetary movements, position and several other incidents. In Sanskrit it is known as Jyotish light. Accoding to Indian Astrology a person’s complete future depends on the deeds he have done and his birth. And on the time of birth it indicates on planetary positions. To change a person’s life planets play a vital role. Planets are the source of some power, which makes effect on people’s life after their position, is changed. According to Indian Astrologer kundali depicts the position of the planets at the time of birth.


Indian astrologer controls the negative and positive effects of the planets position. Kundalis are used to take out the sinister in a person’s life and makes their evil effects lessen. Hindu Jyotish is known as the form of Indian Astrology. In other words Vedic Jyotish is also a figure of Hindu Astrology. The foundation of Hindu Astrology is based on the principles of Vedas. After knowing the position of the planets Hindu Jyotish provides solution to the problems.

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