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Janampatri Milan

Janampatri Milan

Jyotish is the study of zodiac signs, planets, nakshtra, stars, yoga and their effects. It is a casting parameter of reading janam kundali, janam patrika and kundali. Prior of marriage in a family the kundali of boy and girl merged. And then only they agree for the marriage. Kundali is observed to look at the planetary position.

The position of the moon in planets is described in 8 parts that are:

1.      Varan

2.      Vasya

3.      Tara

4.      Yoni

5.      Grah Miatri

6.      Gana Mana

7.      Bhakoot

8.      Nadi

All the above eight have their own importance. Vahan carries 1 digit.Vasya 2 and Tara 3. 4 digit is given to Yoni, Grah Maitri 5, 6 is given to Gana Mana, Bhakoot is provided 7 and 8 number is given to Nadi. After adding up all these digits the result comes 36. Every Guna have it’s own importance. According to the Vedic Jyotish to have good matching compatability in a boy and girl at least 18 gunas are required. After having 18 gunas matching then oly an astrologe predicts of a good and happy married life.

Kundali Milan procedure provides accurate results. If actua time and place of birth is known then only a best kundali is prepared. To lead a happy and cheerful married life kundali Milan is must.

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