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Vashikaran Totke

Vashikaran Totke

Vashikaran totke – Jaddo Tone: Jadoo tona or vashikaran totke mantra is used to get rid of the evil effects. In reality this mantra is really very simple which can be performed by a normal person too.


Totka to remove evil eye (Buri nazar utarne ka totka): Take some cotton and make it of 8-9 inch long wick and dip it in mustard oil round it up 7 times anti-clockwise to the sufferer of evil effect. And after that hang it on an iron nail 3 feet high from ground. Light the lower part of that wick with the help of a match stick and it will burn till end. After it burnt completely throw it’s ash in a dustbin. Within half-an – hour the sufferer will get relief. Remember one thing that this procedure must be performed after sunset without speaking a word, don’t speak with anybody. Even if someone asks you then also you must not utter any word. If gigantic flames come from that wick then it is guaranteed that black magic is done on that person. Repeat this same procedure for continue 3-days to get rid of evil eye completely. The sufferer will get normal on the third day. To make fall in love and to draw attention of the lover towards you vashikaran totke can be performed. With it the procedure is provided to have control on a particular person. To control the thoughts and desires this also is include in vashikaran totke techniques. Vashikaran is the most fastest and effectual procedure. Within 3-days you will get the result and this is assured by vashikaran totke spaecialist Baba ji.


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